Distal Biceps Rupture

Your biceps tendon is responsible for flexing your arm and for twisting your forearm. After a direct hit to the front of your elbow or when attempting to lift something that is too heavy, you can rupture your distal biceps tendon. This is often associated with a loud “pop” and a Popeye arm deformity, in addition to pain and bruising. Dr. Bercik can fix your tendon back to the bone through a small incision.

Triceps Rupture

Your triceps tendon is responsible for straightening your arm. A triceps rupture results when the tendon pulls off the bone at your elbow (the olecranon). The triceps tendon can be repaired back to the bone through a small incision, allowing you to regain the strength in your elbow.

Elbow Arthritis

Arthritis is the “wear and tear” condition in which the joint has lost its lubrication layer (the cartilage). In other words, the ball bearings are shot. Although this can be quite painful, arthritis can be repaired surgically with either arthroscopic elbow surgery or with a total elbow replacement.

Elbow Fracture

Dr. Bercik manages a wide variety of broken bones around the elbow including the distal humerus, the olecranon, or the radius. Sometimes fractures can be treated arthroscopically, and sometimes they are treated with plates and screws (“open reduction and internal fixation”).