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Best Orthopedic Shoulder Surgeon Lancaster, PADr. Bercik is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. He strives for excellence in everything that he does, including patient care. He has trained under some of the most world-renowned shoulder surgeons in the world and is committed to following the latest scientific research in shoulder orthopedics. By continually integrating new evidence-based methods into our care plans, our patients can be confident they are receiving state-of-the-art treatment to achieve maximal results in minimal time.

Dr. Bercik is specialized in conditions of the shoulder and has successfully treated patients with a broad range of conditions. To recognize his expertise, Dr. Bercik has been awarded the Mark D Chilton award for outstanding patient care and the annual Orthopaedic In-training Examination award for achieving the highest score in his residency.

How to Prevent Rotator Cuff Tears for Baseball Players

The road to recovery from a rotator cuff tear can be long and arduous. While we specialize in conditions of the shoulder and can help you on the best path to recovery for your specific diagnosis, knowing tips and tricks to prevent future injury is vital for long-term health.

Rotator cuff tears are common because of the repetitive overhead movements in baseball and the strain on the shoulder. Baseball players withstand stress to the shoulder that is otherwise typically uncommon in daily life, so prevention efforts need to be specialized to the needs of the sport. Here are our best tips to help you prevent a rotator cuff tear:

Use Correct Technique: When you use the incorrect technique in throwing or catching, you can put high levels of stress on the delicate structures of the shoulder. It can also lead to imbalances within the shoulder muscles to compensate for specific movements. To make sure you are using proper technique, your trainer should watch you throw and work with you to go over key points to remember. If a strength or flexibility concern is causing the specific technique issue, your trainer can give you exercises to build the needed skillset to throw with the correct technique.

Exercise All Shoulder Muscles: This helps to prevent any imbalances of the muscles in the shoulder and strengthens muscles to prevent the humeral head from slipping out of place.

Listen to Your Body’s Signals: If you are feeling pain, weak, tired, or generally not your best, avoid training when you are not in an optimal state. Injuries often happen at times when your attention is not entirely on the activity, and missing a few days of training is worth avoiding a season-ending injury.

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