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Elbow Specialist Lancaster, PAAt Lancaster Orthopedic Group, we believe every patient should live the highest quality of life. When you have an elbow injury or orthopedic ailment that makes everyday tasks difficult, it is easy to become frustrated and overwhelmed. When you come into our office, you will work directly with Dr. Bercik to go over each of your symptoms and how we can help you reach your goals. This often involves a combination of orthopedic and at-home treatment designed to provide lasting success. Not only do we want you to experience relief in the short-term, but we want to ensure that you are able to maintain your movement for years to come. After all, many of our patients enjoy living active lifestyles, and we pride ourselves on helping each patient return to the activities they love.

Elbow Arthritis Surgical Options

For those with severe degeneration or malformation of the elbow due to arthritis, joint replacement or a related procedure may be necessary to improve movement and reduce pain. Depending on your needs, there are several surgical options, each of which is best suited for different symptoms and circumstances. In general, four common types of elbow surgery to help arthritic pain include:

  • Synovectomy: For this procedure, the membrane lining the elbow joint, known as the synovium, is removed from the elbow. While the synovium typically lubricates the joint, rheumatoid and inflammatory arthritis can lead to the synovium becoming inflamed and eroding the cartilage in the joint. Removing the synovium can help to relieve symptoms.
  • Arthroscopic Debridement. When there are bony growths along the joint, debridement surgery can help to reduce pain and friction within the joint. This is common for posttraumatic and primary osteoarthritis. In severe cases, the portions of the radius may be removed.
  • Elbow Interpositional Arthroplasty. Arthritis often leads to friction that occurs when the bone surfaces come into contact due to degeneration of protected tissue. For this surgery, a small section of the Achilles tendon (or similar soft tissue) is removed and inserted between the joint surfaces to remove friction.
  • Total Elbow Arthroplasty or Replacement. When degeneration of the elbow is severe, an artificial joint can be inserted into the elbow to replaced damage bones. However, these types of implants typically rely on surrounding tissues to maintain stability and are not connected directly. This is known as an unlinked prosthesis and often requires healthy surrounding tissues. One thing to note for this type of surgery is that elbow joint replacements often must withstand high levels of stress due to their position in the arm, especially if the shoulder and wrist are operating at a normal level. Implant failure can also lead to bone deficiency and can lead to a loss of function. Because of this, having an experienced orthopedic surgeon is crucial for optimal results.

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