An experienced shoulder doctor can mean the difference between having difficulty with daily tasks or deciding to go play baseball with your friends. If you live or work in Ephrata, PA, and are looking for an orthopedic shoulder doctor, look no further than our team at Lancaster Orthopedics. Dr. Michael J Bercik, an experienced board-certified orthopedic surgeon, can help you every step of the way from diagnosis until recovery to make sure you are getting the best treatment available.

Orthopedic Shoulder Doctor Ephrata, PAWhen choosing an orthopedic shoulder doctor, it is important to choose someone with a wide range of experience. Dr. Michael Bercik has completed multiple fellowships both domestically and internationally, as well as trained under some of the best shoulder surgeons in the world.

When completing his fellowship in Trauma and Reconstructive surgery at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, Dr. Bercik learned advanced techniques needed to treat acute fractures and post-traumatic complications such as non-unions, malunions, infections, and arthritis. These techniques, in addition to traditional orthopedic training, allow Dr. Bercik to offer state-of-the-art methods to his patient to improve outcomes and decrease recovery time.

How Can Shoulder Physical Therapy Help Pain? 

We use our shoulders for almost every daily task. Whether you are pouring your cereal or driving your car, your shoulder is important for the movement and mobility of the arm. When your shoulder movements become painful, daily tasks can quickly become uncomfortable or even impossible to perform.

Physical therapy is a common addition to orthopedic plans for shoulder rehabilitation and pain relief. Many orthopedic shoulder doctors will prescribe it either to prevent surgery or to help with surgery recovery. Beyond this, shoulder physical therapy is a great way to reduce chronic pain and maintain healthy practices to prevent future injury or discomfort.

Shoulder physical therapy has been shown to effectively train shoulder conditions such as:

  • Rotator cuff injuries
  • Shoulder arthritis
  • Shoulder impingements
  • Shoulder misalignment
  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Chronic pain
  • Many others conditions

How are Shoulder Injuries Evaluated?

To evaluate a shoulder injury and provide an appropriate diagnosis, an orthopedic shoulder doctor or physical therapist will examine shoulder swelling, pain, strength, range of motion, mobility, anatomy, and injury history. They may also ask you to perform certain tasks, such as reaching overhead, to assess your condition at baseline.

At this point, you will be provided exercise and therapeutic recommendations based on your current condition and intended outcome. This may include therapeutic exercises, stretches, ice and heat therapy, manual joint manipulation, and ultrasound, among other treatment methods. During each physical therapy session, you will work closely with your physical therapist to monitor progress and ensure every activity is having the intended benefits and bringing you one step closer to recovery. These treatment plans often last between 6 to 12 weeks until pain and symptoms subside.

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If you live or work in Ephrata, PA, and are looking for an experienced orthopedic shoulder doctor, Dr. Michael J Bercik and our team at Lancaster Orthopedics are here to help. We believe every patient should have the ability to perform the activities they enjoy without pain, worry, or restriction. We are dedicated to helping you come back from injury or chronic pain and ensure every patient feels comfortable in our care. To schedule an appointment, click the “Schedule An Appointment” link in the top right of the website or call (866) 564-1000.