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Orthopedic Shoulder Doctor Reading, PADr. Bercik’s experience both in the US and internationally contribute to his broad understanding and expertise in conditions of the shoulder. Our team can help you reduce or alleviate shoulder pain, recover from injuries, prevent future injuries, and generally improve movement and comfort. We are committed to helping you reach your movement goals in minimal time.

Dr. Bercik has been recognized for his commitment to patient care through the Mark D Chilton award for patient care. We are dedicated to upholding this high standard and promise that all of our patients will be treated with compassion, respect, and the most effective treatment options available.

Common Sports Injuries to the Shoulder 

When you play sports, blunt force and rotation injuries are common, especially in collision activities. In sports where you are repeating the same motion often, such as a pitcher in baseball, inflammation and overuse injuries are also often seen. Some of the most common shoulder injuries in sports include:

  • Shoulder Dislocation: This happens when the shoulder is either pulled back or rotated too much, when can lead the top of the arm to pop out of the socket. This results in pain and weakness of the shoulder, in addition to swelling, numbness, or discoloration.
  • Shoulder Separation: Blunt force, such as a fall, can tear the ligament holding the AC joint (acromioclavicular joint) together. This joint is where the collarbone meets the shoulder blade. This type of injury can push the collarbone out of place and lead to a bump on the top of the shoulder.
  • Cartilage Tear: When you repeat the same motion over a long period of time, you can injure the cartilage around the shoulder joint. This can also happen as a result from a fall or collision. When this happens, you will likely feel pain when reaching over your head and may have a sensation that your shoulder is either catching or grinding.
  • Tendinitis: This happens either through overuse or a direct impact, and it is when the tendons in the rotator cuff become inflamed.
  • Fracture: The most common causes of a fracture are falling or an intense collision. The clavicle, also known as the collarbone, and the humerus, upper arm bone, are the most likely to fracture.

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