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Orthopedic Shoulder Surgeon Aberdeen, PA

Following his orthopedic training at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School and the Rothman Institute, Dr. Michael Bercik sought out three highly prestigious fellowships to expand his skillset and offer patients the best care methods available. His first fellowship experience was at the Rothman Institute in Philadelphia, PA, where he specialized in orthopedic traumatology and learned advanced techniques to treat nonunions, malunions, infections, arthritis, and other post-traumatic complications. He then completed two additional fellowships at the Centre Orthopédique Santy in France and the Melbourne Shoulder and Elbow Centre and Monash University in Australia, where he studied under two of the most influential shoulder surgeons in the world. 

Dr. Michael Bercik wants every patient to feel confident they are receiving the best care available for their condition. He continually updates his methods, integrating emerging techniques and state-of-the-art equipment whenever possible. By being a lifelong student, Dr. Bercik is able to offer his patients outstanding results, fast recovery times, and overall satisfaction.

Three common types of open shoulder surgery

Shoulder surgery can be performed arthroscopically or as an open procedure. Many procedures can be performed both arthroscopically and as an open procedure, and your surgeon will choose the appropriate method based on your specific condition. In general, arthroscopic surgery is preferred when possible, but many shoulder injuries require open surgery for increased visibility and more extensive repairs. Dr. Michael Bercik performs many types of open shoulder surgery, but three of the most common types that we see are as follows:

Rotator cuff repair

During a rotator cuff repair, Dr. Bercik will choose between an arthroscopic or open procedure depending on the location and severity of your injury, in addition to your personal injury history. During an open procedure, Dr. Bercik will make an incision several inches in length in order to view the internal structures. He will then locate damaged tissues, clean the tissue, and reattach the soft structures.  

Acromioclavicular (AC) joint repair 

The acromioclavicular (AC) joint connects the collarbone with the shoulder. Patients with advanced arthritis, complex fractures, and shoulder separations may benefit from open surgery to repair this joint. During surgery, Dr. Bercik may remove the end of the collarbone to strengthen the repair of the joint and prevent future injuries. For less severe repairs, arthroscopic surgery may be an option.

Total shoulder replacement

Total shoulder replacements are performed when there is significant degradation of the shoulder joint. In this type of surgery, an artificial ball made of metal and an artificial socket made of plastic or another biocompatible material will be used to mimic the natural ball and socket joint. This type of surgery generally requires open surgery because of the extensive replacement of internal structures. Patients with advanced arthritis, severe traumatic injuries, complex fractures, and injuries that have not benefited from alternative treatments often benefit from this type of surgery.

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