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Orthopedic Shoulder Surgeon Manheim, PADr. Michael Bercik has been performing orthopedic surgery for years and has helped thousands of patients achieve outstanding results with fast recovery times. Not only has Dr. Michael Bercik continually proved himself as a strong academic learner—scoring the highest in his residency program—but he has dedicated himself to practical experience. He completed three fellowship programs following his residency in orthopedic surgery, two of which were under international advisors. This dedication to learning methods from leaders in the field has allowed Dr. Bercik to expand his practice beyond traditional bounds and offer his patients innovative and advanced techniques.

Orthopedic shoulder surgery recovery: Later stages 

While your orthopedic surgeon will discuss what your individualized recovery plan looks like, the majority of patients are able to return to normal function within 3 to 6 months. Patients who are more active and healthier overall tend to have shorter recovery times, but the severity of the injury will play a huge part. If the injury requires an open procedure, recovery times will generally be extended beyond typical recovery times for an arthroscopic procedure. 

Whether your surgeon advises that your recovery will be 2 months or 6 months, it is important to listen to their recommendations at each step. Following guidelines to prevent scar tissue build-up, keep surrounding tissues healthy, and prevent complications can drastically reduce recovery time and improve outcomes.

The first two phases of recovery for most patients are the immediate post-surgery phase (think: cold compresses and pain medication) and the immobilization pain (think: wearing a sling and minimizing movement). Following these phases, patients enter phases 3 and 4:

Phase 3: Physical rehabilitation 

After the incision has healed and your shoulder has had some time to recover from the surgery, passive and active physical rehabilitation methods are usually recommended to strengthen the shoulder and encourage healing. Passive rehabilitation involves slow and gently stretches to increase mobility and keep the tissues healthy. Physical therapists and orthopedic doctors will guide movement during the period to minimize stress to the shoulder. Active rehabilitation involves movements and exercises that use your shoulder muscles. This includes things such as arm raises, strengthening exercises, and active stretches. In general, this phase does not begin until at least 12 weeks after surgery.

Phase 4: Recovery monitoring

After you have gone through rehabilitation, you will begin to return to your normal activities. During this phase, your orthopedic surgeon will monitor your shoulder for changes and work with you to ensure you prevent any future injuries. If you experience pain or reduce movement ability, your doctor may recommend additional care to ensure the area is fully healed.

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