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Arthroscopic shoulder surgery: Recovery period

Arthroscopic shoulder surgery is generally considered to have shorter recovery times than open shoulder surgeries. Arthroscopy is a type of procedure that is used to visualize the area, identify joint or soft tissue irregularities, and correct the condition without making a large incision. During this procedure, a tiny camera (an arthroscope) is inserted through a pencil-eraser size cut. Following this, surgical instruments are inserted through similarly sized incisions.

After an arthroscopic shoulder surgery, you should expect some pain and swelling to the area. In some cases, the skin may be discolored near the incision sight and the hands or lower arms may swell alongside the shoulder. In most cases, these symptoms resolve on their own within a few days following surgery. Your doctor may provide pain medication or recommend anti-inflammatory pain medication. Depending on your reaction to the medication used during surgery, you may experience numbness for the first day following surgery.

If you were given a bandage to cover stitches at the incision sights, you will likely be able to remove this bandage after a few days. If your sutures do not dissolve on their own, these will be removed after the first week. 

Your doctor will also provide you with a sling or other immobilization device, which you will be instructed to wear between 1 and 6 weeks, depending on the type of procedure that was performed. This sling is generally always worn except for bathing and during rehabilitation visits. Rehabilitation visits begin within a few weeks of surgery and usually continue between 3 to 6 months. 

In terms of activities, patients are usually able to begin daily activities a few weeks (2-3) after surgery. However, daily activities that involve pushing, pulling, or lifting should be avoided for up to 4 months. Your orthopedic shoulder surgeon will go over specific recommendations for you depending on your lifestyle. Athletes and other patients who perform daily activities that involve more stress will be given special rehabilitation instructions to make the reintroduction of these activities less stressful on the shoulder. For example, baseball players may begin gentle tosses earlier in the program to keep muscles healthy and reduce tightness.

If you have any questions during the recovery period, it is important to discuss these with your orthopedic shoulder surgeon. Every patient will be unique in their recovery, but your orthopedic surgeon is there to guide and advise you during each step of the process.

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