Rotator cuff tears are a common yet debilitating injury affecting the shoulder, leading to pain, weakness, and decreased range of motion. Near Lebanon, Pennsylvania, individuals suffering from this condition have access to a leading specialist: Dr. Michael Bercik of Lancaster Orthopedic Group. With extensive training and a commitment to excellence, Dr. Bercik offers expert diagnosis, treatment, and recovery plans for those experiencing rotator cuff injuries.

Symptoms and Causes of Rotator Cuff Tears

Rotator Cuff Tear Specialist Lebanon, PAA rotator cuff tear involves damage to one or more tendons that stabilize the shoulder joint. Patients often report a spectrum of symptoms, including:

  • Pain: Especially noticeable when lifting the arm, at night, or when resting on the affected side.
  • Weakness: Difficulty lifting objects or performing overhead activities.
  • Limited Range of Motion: Challenges with daily tasks, such as combing hair or reaching behind the back.

These symptoms can stem from various causes, from acute injuries due to falls or lifting heavy objects to degenerative aging-related changes. Overuse from repetitive activities, particularly in athletes or manual laborers, can also lead to rotator cuff tears.

Diagnosis and Treatment Methods

Dr. Bercik emphasizes the importance of an accurate diagnosis, which begins with a thorough patient history and physical examination, supplemented by imaging tests such as MRI or ultrasound. These diagnostic tools help determine the tear’s severity and guide the treatment plan.

Treatment for rotator cuff tears varies based on the size of the tear, the quality of the tendon tissue, and the patient’s activity level and goals. Dr. Bercik offers a range of treatment methods, including:

  • Conservative Treatments: Many patients respond well to non-surgical interventions, such as physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, and corticosteroid injections. These approaches aim to reduce pain and restore function.
  • Surgical Options: When conservative treatments are insufficient, surgery may be necessary. Dr. Bercik specializes in minimally invasive arthroscopic techniques to repair the torn tendon, offering benefits such as reduced pain, quicker recovery, and minimal scarring. In more severe cases, open surgery or tendon transfers may be required.

Recovery and Rehabilitation

Recovery from a rotator cuff tear is a gradual process, with the timeline depending on the injury’s severity and the chosen treatment method. Dr. Bercik and his team are dedicated to supporting patients through every recovery stage, ensuring a tailored rehabilitation plan that addresses individual needs and goals.

Post-surgery, patients typically undergo a period of immobilization followed by a carefully structured physical therapy program. This program focuses on restoring strength and flexibility to the shoulder, emphasizing proper technique and gradual progression to prevent re-injury.

Preventive Measures and Patient Education

Preventing future rotator cuff injuries is a critical component of care. Dr. Bercik educates patients on proper shoulder mechanics, ergonomics, and strengthening exercises to protect the rotator cuff from further damage. He also advises on lifestyle modifications and activities that might risk the shoulder’s health.

Start Recovering Today!

Rotator cuff tears can significantly impact your quality of life, but recovery and a return to normal activities are possible with expert care. Dr. Michael Bercik, a rotator cuff tear specialist near Lebanon, PA, brings knowledge, skill, and compassion to his practice, offering patients the best chance for a successful outcome. Whether through conservative management or advanced surgical techniques, Dr. Bercik is committed to helping patients achieve pain relief, improved function, and long-term shoulder health. If you’re struggling with shoulder pain or suspect a rotator cuff injury, consult with Dr. Bercik at 717.560.4200 to explore treatment options and embark on a path to recovery or request an appointment online.