Dr. Michael Bercik is a highly-regarded orthopedic surgeon with a focus on shoulder surgery and sports medicine. As an integral part of the Lancaster Orthopedic Group in Middletown, PA, Dr. Bercik brings his wealth of expertise and skill to assist patients with diverse shoulder issues. 

Shoulder Doctor Middletown, PAThe Lancaster Orthopedic Group stands out as an exceptional orthopedic practice, offering comprehensive care for various musculoskeletal problems. The group comprises a team of experienced physicians, therapists, and support staff who collaborate to create personalized treatment plans for each patient. Services provided by the Lancaster Orthopedic Group encompass state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging, physical therapy, and surgical interventions for a multitude of orthopedic conditions.

The Role of Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy in Recovering from Shoulder Injuries

Physical therapy is an essential component of treatment for numerous shoulder conditions and aids in restoring strength, flexibility, and range of motion in the affected joint. Key elements of shoulder rehabilitation include:

  1. Pain management: Physical therapists employ a variety of techniques, such as cold and heat therapy, massage, and electrical stimulation, to help control pain and decrease inflammation during the healing process. They also educate patients on self-management techniques that can be used at home to provide relief.
  2. Range of motion exercises: These exercises aim to help patients regain full range of motion in the shoulder joint after an injury or surgical procedure. Gentle stretching exercises and passive range of motion techniques are usually introduced in the early stages of rehabilitation, gradually progressing to more active movements as the healing process advances.
  3. Strengthening exercises: Focused exercises aim to reinforce the muscles surrounding the shoulder joint, offering support and stability while lowering the risk of future injuries. Strengthening exercises typically target the rotator cuff muscles, as well as the muscles of the shoulder blade and upper back, which play a crucial role in maintaining proper shoulder mechanics.
  4. Functional training: As patients advance in their recovery, physical therapists incorporate functional exercises to facilitate a safe and efficient return to daily activities and sports. This phase of rehabilitation includes sport-specific exercises, balance and coordination training, and plyometric exercises to improve power and explosiveness.
  5. Patient education: Throughout the rehabilitation process, physical therapists educate patients on proper posture, body mechanics, and injury prevention strategies to help them maintain optimal shoulder health and reduce the risk of recurring injuries.

Let’s Work Together!

Dr. Bercik and his team at Lancaster Orthopedic Group are dedicated to ensuring patients receive the most appropriate rehabilitation and physical therapy services tailored to their specific needs. They collaborate closely with patients to design a customized recovery plan that fosters optimal shoulder health and functionality.

If you are experiencing shoulder pain or have concerns about your shoulder’s health, consider consulting with an experienced shoulder doctor like Dr. Bercik. At the Lancaster Orthopedic Group in Middletown, PA, you can expect personalized care and a comprehensive treatment plan designed to address your unique needs and promote overall shoulder well-being. To make your first appointment, contact us by using the “Schedule An Appointment” link in the top right of the website or calling (866) 564-1000.