Are you struggling with shoulder pain or impingement? As a renowned orthopedic surgeon specializing in shoulder conditions, Dr. Michael Bercik combines advanced medical knowledge, cutting-edge techniques, and a patient-centered approach to provide relief and recovery to those suffering from shoulder impingement in Lebanon, PA. His approach is not just about treating the symptoms but understanding and addressing the root cause of each patient’s pain and discomfort, ensuring personalized and effective treatment plans.

Understanding Shoulder Impingement

Shoulder Impingement Specialist Lebanon, PAShoulder impingement syndrome occurs when the rotator cuff tendons are pinched during shoulder movements. This compression can cause significant pain, inflammation, and decreased shoulder mobility, challenging simple daily tasks. Athletes who perform repetitive overhead motions and individuals with certain occupations are at a higher risk, although it can affect anyone.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Identifying shoulder impingement early is crucial, and Dr. Bercik‚Äôs thorough diagnostic process ensures accurate detection and treatment planning. Patients typically experience a gradual onset of pain, especially when lifting the arm, weakness, and sometimes a noticeable decrease in range of motion. Based on a comprehensive diagnosis through an evaluation that includes detailed patient history, physical examination, and advanced imaging techniques, Dr. Bercik crafts a treatment strategy that directly addresses each patient’s specific needs. This diagnosis and tailored treatment plan set the stage for effective recovery.

Non-Invasive Treatment Philosophy

Committed to a comprehensive approach to recovery, Dr. Bercik often begins with non-surgical treatments for shoulder impingement, emphasizing the importance of physical therapy, medications, and possibly corticosteroid injections. Through tailored physical therapy programs, he focuses on strengthening the shoulder, increasing flexibility, and correcting joint mechanics, targeting both the symptoms and the underlying cause of the condition. Anti-inflammatory medications may ease pain and swelling, while corticosteroid injections are considered for more intense cases to alleviate discomfort and support the rehabilitation process swiftly.

Advanced Surgical Solutions

When non-surgical treatments are insufficient or if the condition is particularly severe, Dr. Bercik utilizes the latest surgical techniques to address shoulder impingement. These include:

  • Arthroscopic Decompression: A minimally invasive procedure in which Dr. Bercik carefully removes the bony spur or excess tissue causing the impingement. This surgery is favored for its reduced recovery time and minimal discomfort post-operation.
  • Rotator Cuff Repair: If the impingement has led to a rotator cuff tear, Dr. Bercik may perform arthroscopic surgery to repair the torn tendons, restoring strength and function to the shoulder.

Dr. Bercik prioritizes open and comprehensive discussions with his patients, ensuring they are fully informed about all available treatment options. This approach empowers individuals to make knowledgeable decisions regarding their care, aligning their treatment plan with their personal health goals and lifestyle.

Commitment to Excellence

Dr. Bercik’s commitment to excellence in treating shoulder impingement is evident in every aspect of his practice. Patients receive personalized care designed to meet their unique needs and goals from the initial consultation to the final follow-up. His dedication to utilizing the latest research and technology ensures that his patients can access the most effective treatments.

Start Recovering!

For individuals in Lebanon, PA, suffering from shoulder impingement, Dr. Michael Bercik offers a path to relief and recovery. His expertise as a shoulder impingement specialist and holistic approach to patient care make him a trusted partner in overcoming this challenging condition. Whether through conservative treatments or advanced surgical techniques, Dr. Bercik is dedicated to helping his patients achieve optimal shoulder health and return to active lifestyles. To schedule an appointment, please call 717.560.4200 or complete a request form online.