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Shoulder Specialist Brownstown, PAAfter completing his residency program, Dr. Michael Bercik went on to complete three fellowships to learn diverse methodologies from shoulder experts in the field. He completed fellowships in the United States, France, and Australia, training under some of the world’s best shoulder surgeons. These experiences allowed him to master creative techniques and combine methods to offer patients truly innovative solutions.

Rounded shoulders: Should you avoid certain exercises?

There are no specific exercises to avoid with rounded shoulders, so long as you are not experiencing pain or other symptoms. In fact, most exercises are generally good, while a sedentary lifestyle can worsen symptoms. Rounded shoulders typically occur from poor posture over time, muscular imbalances, and muscle weakness. 

While there are not specific exercises to avoid, there are exercises that can help reduce rounded shoulders and restore better posture. Exercises that target chest, upper back, and shoulder strength and stretching are generally good options. Two easy stretches that can be performed at home include:

Chest doorway stretch

  1. Stand in front of an open doorway with about 1 to 2 feet between you and the doorway
  2. Bend the elbow to 90 degrees and make a “touchdown” sign, which involves raising your elbow to be in line with your shoulder and pointing the fingers toward the ceiling
  3. Step forward and place one elbow on either side of the door frame
  4. Gently lean forward so you feel a stretch across your chest and shoulders
  5. Hold for 30 seconds 
  6. Return to starting position
  7. Repeat 3-5 times per set, completing multiple sets throughout the day

Scapular wall slides

  1. Stand against a wall with your back to the wall. Your feet can be a few inches away from the wall, but your glutes should be against the wall. Try to keep as much of your back against the wall as possible.
  2. Bend the elbow to 90 degrees and make a “touchdown” sign, which involves raising your elbow to be in line with your shoulder and pointing the fingers toward the ceiling. Your back should remain against the wall and your arms should now be against the wall in the touchdown position with your palms facing away from the wall.
  3. Slowly slide the arms up the wall while keeping your arms and back against the surface.
  4. Pause and hold the raised arm position.
  5. Slowly slide the arms back down the wall
  6. Repeat 2 sets of 10 times each. Form is the most important element here, so be sure to move slowly and intentionally.

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