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Shoulder Specialist Lititz, PADr. Michael Bercik is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who specializes in conditions of the shoulder and elbow. Following graduating Magna Cum Laude from Georgetown University, Dr. Bercik completed his medical degree at Rutger New Jersey Medical School, where he later returned for a Trauma and Reconstructive Surgery fellowship. Dr. Bercik has continued to pursue excellence in every aspect of his medical practice. He has been recognized for his advanced patient care and technical skill set through multiple awards, such as the Mark D Chilton award for outstanding patient care and the Orthopaedic In-training Examination award for scoring the highest in his residency program.

Outside of his professional practices, Dr. Bercik is active in research and dedicated to pushing the field of orthopedics forward. He has published in several journal publications and authored multiple book chapters. Dr. Bercik believes every patient deserves to achieve their best outcomes, and he is dedicated to helping create opportunities to exceed expectations and produce amazing results. 

Shoulder Injuries for Weight Lifters

Whether you are a competitive weight lifter or weight lift as part of your workout routine, it is essential to pay attention to proper form, physical limitations, and signs of overuse injuries. When lifting heavy (or light!) weights, the risk of shoulder injuries increases. Because of how delicate the shoulder joint is, it is important to seek treatment for potential shoulder injuries early. To avoid delay in shoulder treatment, consider the following warning signs that it may be time to seek medical treatment. 

Symptoms Of Shoulder Injuries for Weight Lifters

One of the clearest signs of a shoulder injury is a sharp pain or difficulty moving the shoulder. In either of these cases, it is important to seek medical care as soon as possible and avoid further weight lifting or aggravating activities. 

Other signs of a shoulder injury include general pain in the area, stiffness, inflammation in the shoulder, difficulty rotating the arm, difficulty raising the arm, and swelling in the shoulder. In some cases, pain may present itself in surrounding areas, such as the neck or upper arm.

When a shoulder injury is suspected, it is best practice to rest the area, ice the shoulder, compress inflamed areas, and keep the shoulder elevated as much as possible. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication can help to reduce swelling in the shoulder and decrease pain levels.

Most Common Shoulder Injuries for Weight Lifters

While injuries vary, the most common shoulder injuries seen in weightlifters are:

  • Rotator cuff tendonitis: Inflammation of the rotator cuff tendon causing pain with arm raises and rotations.
  • Rotator cuff tear: In weightlifters, partial or complete rotator cuff and labrum tears are common. 
  • Inflammation: The joint sac that surrounds the shoulder joint can become inflamed.
  • Sprain and strains: Overstretching and partial ligament tears lead to pain in the shoulder.
  • Biceps tenonitis: Inflammation of the biceps tendonitis causing aches in the shoulder.

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