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Treatment of Rotator Cuff Tears & Injuries Ephrata, PADr. Michael Bercik is a board-certified orthopedic shoulder specialist who has helped hundreds of East Coast residents rehabilitate from shoulder injuries and chronic pain. Beyond completing three fellowships to broaden his skillset above traditional orthopedic methods, Dr. Bercik has authored several peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters. He continually learns the latest methods in orthopedics to ensure his clients are receiving the most state-of-the-art treatments available.

Rotator Cuff Injuries and Baseball: What You Need to Know 

When it comes to baseball, shoulder pain is common for those who continually throw at high velocities such as pitchers and outfielders. This can also happen with players who throw frequently in practice or in their free time. The first symptom will often be an uncomfortable feeling when throwing and a reduction in velocity and accuracy. Sometimes, players feel as though the shoulder is loose or coming out of the socket.

Throwing pain can be difficult to diagnose because there are many factors that can contribute to pain while throwing and players often delay seeking treatment or “play through the pain.” However, it is important to seek treatment quickly as this will greatly reduce recovery time and improve later function. In order to properly diagnose the shoulder, a physical examination is done first. If the cause is unclear or the physician would like to confirm the diagnosis with a scan, then an MRI or shoulder arthroscopy will be ordered. Treatment will depend on the severity of the condition, the needs of the player, and injury type.

How is Throwing Pain Caused?

 Throwing pain is usually caused by inflamed rotator cuff tendons, and the pain may appear during or after throwing. However, the specific cause of the pain is unknown.

The first theory about throwing pain is that the tendons have too much stress placed on them. This typically happens when there is not adequate rest of the shoulder between sessions or someone is trying to progress more quickly than their body can keep up with. This happens when a player joins a team midseason or switches positions. To help with this pain, there are a few treatments recommended first:

  • Ice and heat
  • Rest of the area
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Gently stretches
  • Anti-inflammatory medications

While we understand that patience of athletes and coaches is often limited for this, it is important to take care of rotator cuff inflammation early as it can easily progress into a more severe injury and require more comprehensive treatment.

Another way in which throwing pain may be caused is through tears of the labrum. The labrum is the cartilage that goes around the socket of the shoulder and stabilizes everything. When there is repeated stress to this area, the labrum can tear and lead to shoulder instability and pain.

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