When looking for an orthopedic shoulder surgeon, it is essential to find someone with a specialization in conditions of the shoulder. The shoulder is one of the most complex joints in the body and one of the most easily injured. Specialization in the area will ensure that your orthopedic surgeon can treat the area with the necessary technique to promote an effective recovery with minimal downtime. At Lancaster Orthopedic Group, residents of Akron, PA, can feel confident in trusting shoulder surgeon Dr. Michael Bercik with their diagnosis and treatment plan.

Orthopedic Shoulder Surgeon Akron, PADr. Michael Bercik is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who specializes in shoulder and elbow conditions. Following graduation from Georgetown University Magna Cum Laude, Dr. Bercik received his medical degree from Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. He went on to complete one domestic and two international fellowships to learn advanced techniques to treat shoulder and elbow ailments.

In addition to rigorous academic and experiential pursuits, Dr. Bercik has received honors for his patient care and performance in residency. He received the Mark D Chilton award for outstanding patient care and the annual Orthopaedic In-training Examination award for scoring the highest in his residency program.

Potential Causes of Shoulder Pain

When you begin to feel shoulder pain, knowing common causes of shoulder pain can help you quickly diagnose potential causes for your symptoms and take the necessary steps to rest the area and make appropriate medical appointments. While the best way to properly diagnose the area is to visit an experienced orthopedic shoulder surgeon, common causes of shoulder pain are as follows:

Shoulder Tendinitis

Shoulder tendinitis is one of the most common overuse injuries and generally occurs due to repetitive movements. Athletes who play sports such as tennis, swimming, or volleyball are at particular risk for this type of injury, with incorrect form or over-practicing being the leading causes.

Shoulder tendinitis is typically characterized by pain and stiffness when raising and lowering the arm, a clicking sound during movements, and swelling. If symptoms persist, physical therapy can help provide relief to the area. Rest, icing, and taking anti-inflammatory medications are the first line of treatment.

Shoulder Bursitis

Shoulder bursitis occurs when the bursae, the small fluid-filled sacs that cushion and protect the shoulder joint bones, become inflamed. This is most commonly caused by overuse injuries and will present as a shoulder ache, stiffness, or swelling. Shoulder bursitis usually subsides with rest; however, persistent pain may require medical treatment to reduce inflammation further.

Rotator Cuff Tear 

Rotator cuff tears are one of the most common shoulder injuries, especially in those above 40. They usually occur from wear and tear on the body, overuse from sports, or in a sudden accident. When this injury occurs, most people describe it as a dull ache that worsens if you sleep on the shoulder. The tear can also make moving the arm difficult, such as when reaching behind the back or upwards, and make the arm feel weak.

If you suspect a rotator cuff tear, it is best to make a medical appointment as soon as you are able.

Ready to Begin?

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