Nobody should experience ongoing shoulder pain in their daily life, and often the difference between a fast recovery and long-lasting symptoms is an experienced orthopedic shoulder surgeon. Because of the complexity of the shoulder, having a shoulder surgeon who specializes in the area is important. For residents of Millersville, PA, Dr. Michael Bercik and our team at Lancaster Orthopedic Group provide specialized treatment in conditions of the shoulder and elbow so you can feel confident you are receiving the best treatment available. When you visit Lancaster Orthopedic Group, you are putting your care in the hands of experienced professionals.

Orthopedic Shoulder Surgeon Millersville, PADr. Bercik is dedicated to treating all patients with compassion, commitment, and respect. He has been honored with the Mark D Chilton award for outstanding patient care, and this dedication to patients is evident in every interaction with patients in our clinic.

As a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Bercik has specialized in shoulder & elbow surgery, as well as orthopedic traumatology. He has completed fellowships internationally and domestically targeted at learning the most innovative methods in orthopedic shoulder care. One of these fellowships was at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, where Dr. Bercik completed a Trauma Fellowship focusing on how to treat complex conditions such as acute fractures and post-traumatic complications like nonunions, malunions, infections and arthritis.

Common Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgeries

Arthroscopic surgery is a type of surgery in which small, key-hole sized incisions are used as entry points for small surgical equipment and cameras. These equipment allow the surgeon to make diagnoses and treat the area with minimal trauma to the surrounding tissues. This significantly reduces recovery time for patients and is considered to be the ideal method of treatment when available.

While some shoulder surgeries are better treated by open surgery, many can be treated by arthroscopic surgery. Three of the most common arthroscopic shoulder procedures are:

Rotator Cuff Repair

Rotator cuff repairs are the most common type of shoulder surgery and are often performed arthroscopically when available. During a rotator cuff repair, the goal is to identify and repair the damaged rotator cuff tissue. This may include addressing any torn or damaged tendons without stretching the tissue or creating additional damage.

For severe rotator cuff tears (often above 5cm in length), an open surgery is sometimes recommended to ensure the entire injury is addressed. However, for smaller tears, and under the advice of a physician, arthroscopic procedures are often used.

AC Joint Repair

Acromioclavicular joint repair, also known as AC joint repair, is performed when there is damage to the AC joint. This is the area when the end of the collarbone meets the acromion. There are several ways in which this area may be damaged, including arthritis, overuse, and instability.

Shoulder Replacement Surgery

While shoulder replacement surgery is typically only performed in the case of advanced degenerative diseases, complex fractures and other severe injuries may require a shoulder replacement to restore pain-free movement.

There are many ways in which shoulder replacement surgery can be performed, including arthroscopically. For arthroscopic shoulder replacement, minimal bone will be removed and the area and cartilage will be resurfaced. This is an advanced procedure and should only be performed by a highly-skilled surgeon.

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