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Shoulder Doctor Shillington, PATo enhance his expertise in shoulder and elbow conditions, Dr. Bercik embarked on two international fellowships after completing his trauma fellowship. The first of these fellowships took place at the renowned Centre Orthop├ędique Santy in France. There, Dr. Bercik had the privilege of learning from Dr. Gilles Walch, who is widely considered one of the world’s leading and most influential shoulder surgeons. This experience allowed Dr. Bercik to refine his surgical techniques and broaden his understanding of shoulder surgery.

Dr. Bercik then traveled to Melbourne, Australia to continue his international education. Working alongside Professor Simon Bell at the Melbourne Shoulder and Elbow Centre and Monash University, Dr. Bercik expanded his knowledge of shoulder and elbow conditions, their treatment options, and surgical techniques. The combination of these two international fellowships has provided Dr. Bercik with a comprehensive and diverse set of skills, enabling him to address a wide array of shoulder and elbow issues with confidence and competence.

How to Know You Should See a Shoulder Doctor

Shoulder pain and discomfort can significantly impact your daily life and activities. While some minor aches and pains can be addressed with at-home remedies, there are instances when it’s crucial to consult a shoulder doctor. In this blog post, we will discuss the signs that indicate it’s time to see a shoulder specialist for a comprehensive evaluation and appropriate treatment.

  • Persistent pain

If you’ve been experiencing shoulder pain that has not improved after several weeks of rest, ice, and over-the-counter pain relievers, it’s time to consult a specialist. Persistent pain can be a sign of an underlying injury or condition that requires professional intervention.

  • Loss of range of motion

If you find that you’re unable to move your shoulder through its full range of motion or experience pain when attempting to do so, it’s essential to see a shoulder doctor. This could indicate a problem with the joint itself or the surrounding muscles and tendons.

  • Weakness or instability

If your shoulder feels weak, unstable, or as if it may “give out” during everyday activities, it’s crucial to seek medical attention. This can be a sign of a more severe injury, such as a rotator cuff tear or a labral tear, that requires prompt treatment.

  • Swelling or deformity

Visible swelling or deformity around the shoulder joint can be a sign of an injury or infection that needs professional care. In these cases, it’s important to consult a shoulder specialist to determine the cause and appropriate treatment.

  • Night pain

Shoulder pain that interrupts your sleep or worsens at night can be an indication of an underlying issue requiring medical attention. Conditions such as rotator cuff tears, adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder), or even arthritis can contribute to night pain.

  • Clicking, popping, or grinding noises

If you hear or feel clicking, popping, or grinding noises when moving your shoulder, it’s essential to see a specialist. These sounds can indicate joint damage, a labral tear, or other issues that require further evaluation and treatment.

  • Failure to improve with conservative treatments

If you’ve been diligently following a conservative treatment plan, such as rest, ice, and physical therapy, but have not seen improvement in your shoulder pain or function, it’s time to consult a shoulder doctor. They can evaluate your situation and determine whether more advanced treatments, such as injections or surgery, are necessary.

Knowing when to see a shoulder doctor can make a significant difference in your recovery and overall shoulder health. If you’re experiencing any of the above signs, it’s crucial to consult with a specialist to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment. Early intervention can help prevent further damage and ensure a faster return to your daily activities and hobbies.

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